Printers – temperamental as they may be – are amazing machines. Think about it: they take images that exist as data cooped up on a hard drive, and they transform that data into physical objects. You’ll have to trust me on this, but there is something indescribably satisfying about looking at a good printed image. An image displayed on a screen – even a top-quality 4k display – just can’t match the detail and subtlety of a quality photo inkjet print.

A huge part of what makes printing fun for me is doing things right. Accordingly, I have put a ton of time into researching the materials and equipment I use, and I have spent considerable time evaluating and optimizing my workflow to achieve results that I truly do believe speak for themselves.

I do sell my prints! If you are interested in purchasing one, please reach me via the contact page and let me know what you’re interested in. As far as pricing, a rough formula is as follows: calculate the area in square inches of the print size you want, and divide that number by four. So, as an example, an 8×10 print measures 80 inches square, so it will cost $20.




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